WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical – Health Canada


AVERTISSEMENT: Les produits de vapotage contiennent de la nicotine. La nicotine crée une forte dépendance. – Santé Canada

You know it, we know it, everyone lectures you on it all the time, it’s an unappealing habit. Cigarettes are full of toxic chemicals, but vaping is a much less harmful alternative. Smoking leads to many health issues and it’s really hard to understate the dangers of smoking. 

Well, you’re in luck! We have three amazing reasons why you can finally overcome the desire to smoke a cigarette and start vaping: 

  1. Vaping is much less harmful
  2. Vaping helps you quit the habit by association
  3. Vaping is fully customizable

Easy as that! Need more convincing? At The Vape Station, we want to make sure you get the most out of your vaping experience so you can finally kick the cigarettes to the curb. 

Vaping is Much Less Harmful

Vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking simply because it exposes you to fewer toxic chemicals than traditional cigarettes. Regular tobacco cigarettes contain a whopping 7,000 chemicals, many of which are very toxic. The base of the juice is typically either glycerol or glycol which essentially means a vegetable oil. The FDA approves this as generally safe to consume.

Yes, vaping does include nicotine however, vaping and e-cigarettes have shown to be way more successful than nicotine replacement therapy to help smokers quit. If you’re concerned about all the toxic chemicals in your cigarettes, replacing it with a vape is just one step in the right direction. 

We’re not here to preach about the dangers of smoking but we ARE here to introduce you to a better smoking alternative. Quitting shouldn’t have to be about completely eliminating a habit altogether but helping you manage it in a healthier way.

Vaping Helps You Quit The Habit

We understand the hardships and struggles when trying to quit, but we do have a huge secret to share that may just help you cut that nasty habit for good. Vaping!

Maybe you’ve been trying to quit for a while but it seems as if nothing has worked. Maybe you’re just beginning to think about quitting. Wherever you are in your journey to quitting, we want to help you out.

Nicotine itself is not the thing you’re addicted to but the habit and the sensory action of smoking a cigarette is where the addiction lies. The nicotine creates the reward of doing the habit. The human body craves satisfaction and nicotine helps deliver that.

This means that if you replace the delivery system of smoking a vaping alternative, your brain will have a tough time differentiating the two as there is still nicotine entering the body. This is also why patches or gums may not have worked for you in the past. Your brain is craving the action of smoking which vaping can replace. 

People who use e-cigarettes or vapes to quit smoking are more successful when they do it with the support of stop smoking services like AlbertaQuits. Check them out at www.albertaquits.ca

If you’ve been trying to quit smoking for a while but the traditional methods (patches, gum, lozenges, quitting cold turkey or counselling) just aren’t working, vaping may be the right way to go. 

Fully Customize Your Vaping Experience 

Upgrade your traditional cigarette! There is a vaping alternative! We at The Vape Station can help you fully customize your vaping experience. There are endless customizable options for you like smoke volume, juice flavours, adjustable nicotine levels and many different vape devices. From vape devices to e-juices and everything in between, we’ve got you covered

If you’d like to customize your vape to reflect your style and personality, we have many devices of different sizes, shapes, colours and styles. There are many ways to “pimp your vape,” but let’s start with the basics: 

  1. The device itself (the vape, e-cigarette or other housing units)
  2. The mouthpiece (the tip of the device that you puff)
  3. The battery (powers the device)
  4. The cartomizer (the tank that holds the e-juice or e-liquid)
  5. The atomizer (heats up the e-juice or e-liquid and turns it into a vapour)

Along with customizing your device itself, you can choose from thousands of vape juice flavours. You can finally say goodbye to the boring traditional cigarette flavours: tobacco or menthol. Vaping allows you to choose your signature flavour or try from thousands of different options. From double mint to creamy pineapple, from pina colada to frosted doughnut, the world is your oyster. However, we don’t recommend Oyster flavoured juices.

You can truly customize a perfectly tailored vape to fit your preferences. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a vaping master or a flavour connoisseur, we’ll make sure to find the best products for you. 

At The Vape Station we’re always happy to help you out with your new device. If you’re brand new to vaping, we’ll make sure you know the ins and outs of your device and how to use it to its fullest. From coils to juices to chambers, we’ve got you covered. 

If you want to quit by using the vaping alternative, then go ahead and try it. Every attempt to quit smoking is one step closer to quitting altogether. This might just be the thing that works for you. Don’t knock it till you try it!